Six tips for your email subject line to maximise conversions

Do you use email marketing?

Here’s six tips for your email subject line to maximise conversions.

1. Keep it short

Keeping your subject line under 50 characters will allow your subscribers to read your entire message without it being cut off.

2. Use action words

Say something like, “open this now to find out what you missed”, rather than “here’s what you missed”.

3. Use sentence case

Only capitalise the first word. This keeps your message friendly and approachable.

4. Avoid the spam folder

Don’t use words such as “free” or “urgent” if you can avoid it. Or any other undesirable language.

5. Create a sense of urgency

Your subject line is a place to be direct! Use phrases like, “ending soon”, “last chance” or “don’t miss out”.

6. Personalise

If your email marketing platform allows personalisation, utilise it. “Hey Emma, here’s …” sounds better than “Hey, here’s …”

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