You’re a gem

You're a gem by Leysa Flores / FREE desktop wallpaper downloads #freebie

Hey guys, happy Monday! I was so flat out last week working on some awesome projects, and I can’t wait to share with you one of them in particular – a branding project (those are the best)!

For now, I want to say THANKS for being patient and waiting for my next post (you’re a gem!). I really tried to get organised this past week to have a more frequent posting schedule, but guess what – I’m human, and it didn’t happen. And as I said in last week’s post, I didn’t want to post just for the sake of posting, I want to aim for quality over quantity. I did, however, just happen to read this awesome post about, and I quote, “defining specific, measurable goals that will motivate you to achieve them in both your business and personal life”.  Ummm yes, kinda exactly what I needed to read .. if this is also an area where you might be struggling, be sure to check it out.

Anyway, so I created these darling gems as I was doodling away in Illustrator, and I decided to turn them into a seamless pattern + some freebie wallpapers for you guys! It’s not only a thanks from me, but to remind yourself that you are a unique + valuable person – be kind to yourself and know your self worth, okay? A little self-encouragement and positivity never goes astray ;)

You're a gem by Leysa Flores / FREE desktop wallpaper downloads #freebie

I’d love to hear some feedback on how to best share the patterns with you. Would you prefer to have the pattern file itself, or already have it mocked up to as a wallpaper, or otherwise? Let me know in the comments. (Down below, the little speech bubble icon on the right) (Yes, I really need to make the comments section more visible – to do list!)

Otherwise, you can download the desktop wallpapers below. Have a fantastic day!

You're a gem by Leysa Flores / FREE desktop wallpaper downloads #freebie

You’re a gem black | You’re a gem blue

Personal use only. Commercial use is prohibited.


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