WIP: R. N. Business Consulting Mood Board

WIP: RN Business Consulting mood board / via

Happy weekend all!

I hope you are all enjoying some relaxing downtime. It’s a beautiful, mellow, sunny Autumn day here today and I’m enjoying catching up on some blog reading and other random bits and pieces. The fan is lazily idling around, the cat is basking in the warmth of the sunshine outside in the garden and my coffee tastes amah-zing. My idea of bliss – the simple things, right?

Anyway, today’s topic. I’m excited to share with you this contemporary, feminine yet earthy mood board that I’ve developed for a new client, RN Business Consulting. Renee is a friendly, professional lady who offers down-to-earth financial, forecasting and cash-flow solutions for small businesses and individuals, predominantly in the rural market.

Renee is passionate about agriculture and also runs a family farm, so I’ve kept the earthy feel of the land to represent this and plan to also add some more bold and contemporary elements whilst retaining a feminine feel.

I can’t wait to share with you how this one turns out!


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