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I’m not a painter, but then the moment I started painting, I became a painter.

So for those of you who didn’t know, I started a new job about three weeks ago. What I didn’t tell any of you is that it’s actually in marketing, not design. And don’t get me wrong, I LOVE graphic design more than anything. More than marketing, for sure. But my old job wasn’t giving me the opportunities it used to for reasons I had no control over (*cough*outsourcing*cough*). The work turned from designing full-time to mostly processing data and if I got lucky, the odd design job. Yeah … not what I signed up for. At all. So a new opportunity arose, and after careful consideration, I took the leap. And I’m really glad that I did.

Why am I talking to you about all of this? Well, I’ve always freelanced my graphic design services on the side while I worked my day job. But especially since I went into marketing and the only time I spent designing was out of hours, I felt something shift. A greater need, a pull towards my creative side that was even stronger than before. I think because the time I spent designing became less, the more I not only felt the need to design, but I felt the need to immerse myself in traditional art. I needed to use my hands.

And so, as I talked about in last week’s post, I tried some new things. One of which was watercolour – and I fell head. over. heels. The way the paint and water danced together was mesmerizing and I found it really relaxing to just put brush to paper and see what came out. I’m sure there’s countless people out there who paint abstract watercolours, but this was just for me. I’m not a painter, but then the moment I started painting, I became a painter. I became an artist. Humbly. Truly. This was my new source to #restwithintent.

And so another discovery was made. The creative life truly never ceases to amaze me – there’s just endless sources of inspiration waiting for you, if only you chase them.

I’ve been posting some of my paintings on Instagram if you want to check them out!

Have an amazing week!


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  • Hi Leysa, I woke up to a really bad and unmotivated Monday but your post has inspired me. I work in (cosmetic) marketing and I always had the sensation that perhaps the designers could be more creative (though in actual fact the designer does what I tell him to do…). I understand how you need to do creative things outside of work too, and so happy that painting is making you happy! I play the piano in my free time, which is what makes my hands, mind and creativity busy :) Have a great week and lots of luck in the new job! xx

    • Hi Sofia,
      Thanks for your kind comment. I think we’ve swapped because today I’m feeling a bit ‘blah’ – might have something to do with the weather – it’s sort of that slow rain that’s more of a fog! But that’s okay- we all have days like this and I’m so glad I could inspire you yesterday and make your Monday a little more manageable. My husband plays the piano, too – it’s such a lovely instrument hey!