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The big return to authentic blogging

The big return to authentic blogging / via

Well, we’re well past that first week of 2016 now, there’s no denying it. I’ve read a heap of ‘new year’ posts on my favourite blogs, all with fresh enthusiasm, new unchecked boxes to tick, goals and reflections alike.

You wanna know a common theme I noticed in many of them though? It really pricked my ears up because I was glad a lot of others are feeling the same way – that it feels like there are perhaps too many people blogging about blogging now and it’s getting a bit too much.

Authentic vs recycled blog posts

It’s so great that there are so many tips and tricks out there and they are so very helpful – don’t get me wrong – and so much work goes into those posts. I’m really appreciative of people who open up and share their experience – what’s worked for them and what hasn’t. Authentic bloggers such as Kory Woodard and smuug fall into this category – they are really great! But on other blogs, when the material becomes recycled, and you read the same tips reworded slightly over several blogs – that’s when it all gets a bit silly, and unauthentic.

The good ol’ days

By the same token, I’ve been hearing a lot of bloggers reminiscing about the good ol’ days of blogging, where there were less ‘rules’, more personalised content, less stress about gaining a huge following or ‘success’ … and simply enjoying sharing the things we like, what inspires us, and yes, our experiences and advice, but on an authentic level and at our own pace.

Be real and have your own voice

Yes, I’m gonna try and stick to some sort of schedule for my blog, for example, but it’s more to remind me rather than pressure myself into posting something for the sake it of. And I’m certainly not going to be concerned if I miss a post or two – I know that if I really like a particular blog, I’ll still be checking in regularly for a new post even if they don’t update for a couple of months, lol. It’s all about being real, people, and having your own voice in your own little corner of the internet.

Not every blog needs to be a business

And you should never feel pressured to make it one if that is not your goal. I blog as a hobby – to have a creative outlet, to encourage myself to grow my skills and to share and connect (and hopefully inspire) other creatives in a similar life-set. For enjoyment. And those who have dedicated blogs to monetise them – go nuts, and good on you! Honestly! But that’s not me, is all I’m saying.

I realise I’m being a smidgen hypocritical by blogging about blogging with this post, hehe! But it’s more with an aim to recognise the shift I’m sensing online and to see if you feel the same or not?

My goal for 2016 …

… is to stay grounded and authentic. For my sake and for yours. I want to create real, original content and aspire to write about real stuff, when and where it matters to me. Just remember, you’re never going to hit the mark 100% of the time with 100% of your readers because we are all so different in our tastes. Even with my favourite blogs, sometimes there’s posts that I’m not too interested in, and then others that really resonate with me – it’s just how it’s always gonna be.

What are your thoughts on this? I’d love to hear your opinion.


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  • I think and feel the same about blogging nowadays. I started in 2005, and I must say that so much has really changed. I’m also iffy about “business-centric” blogs (must be because like you, I also got an image of the good ‘ol blogging days in my head), but I’m fortunate enough to find authentic and genuine ones in this what has become a wild sea of blogs (yours included!! I love reading your opinions and your free wallpaper downloads, of course!) to religiously follow and give me inspiration.

    xx Yshy |

    • Aww thanks for your comment and I’m so glad to have you following along! I’ve only had this blog for a year but also used to blog before then as well and a lot has definitely changed hey! Your blog looks great, I look forward to reading some of your thoughts too :)

  • I was thinking exactly the same recently and wanted to write a post about it! Apart from what you’re saying there are also now so many blogs that are like big productions and absolutely every detail is paid for by companies, every instagram shot every everything. They shouldnt be called blogs anymore, there should be a new name for them, like advertising windows hahaha. I’ll write about it when I can. xxx

    • Advertising windows – haha!! Yes, soooo true, and us real peeps have had to resort to the hashtag #notsponsored and similar to reassure our audience that we’re not spruiking a product or service and we actually like the thing we’re talking about!! I’d love to read a post on that topic if you get to it ;)