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Sunday Mood

Sunday Mood / #graphicdesign

So I thought I’d try something a little different today – I’m a complete amateur, of course – a video, inspired by my lazy Sunday!

I wanted to style it with a very feminine, relaxed feel so there’s lots of flowers, wine, french chocolate and pretty things. I guess I wanted to create a moving moodboard, in a way, rather than a story. Anyway – whichever way you interpret it is fine! I don’t think my cat was in the mood to be featured – I can tell by her tail!

Unfortunately, as a complete amateur, I had almost completed it and I realised I didn’t upload the videos in HD. So, standard def is all I got this time, sorry guys! Isn’t that the great thing about trying new things though, is learning from the mistakes you will inevitably make? Let go of perfect, people! It still didn’t stop me from sharing this with you, so I hope you enjoy it!

Hope your Sunday was as relaxing and pretty as mine :)


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  • I thought the videos was great Leysa. I have no idea how to make one so you could give me some tips ;)
    PS sometimes lazy Sundays are the best Sundays!

    • Hey! Thank you :) Oh like I said I’m a complete amatuer, I just shot film on my phone then fumbled around on the YouTube video creator until I had something I liked. I might try Vimeo next or something to see if I can get a better result! x