Spring Mood: Relaxed + Breezy

Spring mood: Relaxed + Breezy / #moodboard #graphicdesign

For the last month of winter, I kept changing my mind about what I wanted. For it to stay winter forever with the cozy jammies, cups of coffee and Netflix marathons, or for it to hurry up and be spring already because duh, I was dying for some sunshine and to step outside and smell the pollen (achoo!) and hear the bees buzzing.

I think really, in the end, it was definitely the latter than won out. Don’t we all get like that at the end of a season though? In the Northern Hemisphere, everyone is just as excited about the cups of coffee and Netflix scenario as I am currently about running around barefoot in the¬†grass that needs mowing every two days and putting daisies in my hair. (Just kidding. That’s my toddler.)

Anyway, rambling thoughts aside, I created this relaxed and breezy moodboard in honour of the arrival of Spring. I don’t know about you, but I’m a huge fan of moodboards. I don’t just make them for client projects, I make them for fun. I suppose it’s a bit like looking at your own Pinterest page – it makes you happy. Everything about it you can relate to and makes you feel good. Yep – I stalk my own Pinterest boards regularly (why else do I bother pinning anything in the first place?) Don’t you?

So I look at this moodboard and instantly feel more relaxed and can feel the warm spring breeze in the air. Sigh. I hope it inspires you too!

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  • I’m with your daughter, running in the grass and flowers in my hair. Just kidding, though I wish I could. Here in the northern hemisphere autumn is creeping in and I’m not looking forward to the cold. Or maybe I slowly am… Ha, I stalk my own pinterest too, you’re right, otherwise why bother pinning for inspiration! xx

    • Maybe you can run through the autumn leaves with a beanie on … kinda not the same, is it? haha! Moving into Autumn can be a little more difficult, I always feel depressed for a week or two as soon as the cold hits before I embrace it fully :)