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Hoppy Easter

Hoppy Easter / Easter Bunny via

Hoppy Easter! I hope you didn’t just devour an entire chocolate easter bunny and instantly regretted it – like I did. Oh well – I can blame it on pregnancy cravings, right?! Tastes so amazing and then the sugar headache hits .. eughh.

Things have been pretty quiet over here on my blog for a little bit. Why? I’ve been working lots harder than usual trying to get some projects done and ‘out of the way’ as soon as possible, fully aware that babies can arrive any time they like and put a halt to everything!

I’m almost 32 weeks now, and while yes, I still have a couple of months to go before baby is officially due, I’m already feeling overdue by my standards! Week 28 was a nerve-wracking week for me as I held my breath hoping not to have another preemie bub. As each week since has passed I have felt more relaxed about the pregnancy and grateful for each day. If bub #2 is born this week, he/she has a much, much greater chance at breathing on his/her own, with less complications and a much healthier weight than 1kg, which my firstborn daughter weighed when she was born.

Anyway. So that’s where my headspace has been at, and being distracted with lots of work has been a blessing, really.

I can’t believe I’ve only got three weeks left at work – my day job – before I officially commence maternity leave. I will still be working on my other freelance projects though for as long as I can up until the birth.

The weather is changing, too – the days are so lovely and temperate at the moment. Summer is great because it’s not freezing in the mornings, there’s lots of fresh fruit to enjoy and I can live in my Havianas, but Autumn really is my favourite as I love nothing more than putting on a scarf and cardi and going into hibernation as I indulge my introvert-ness. Plus, coffee tastes better in colder weather.

This week we went to Melbourne to attend the graduation of my husband, James. He received his AMusA for organ – very proud of him! If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen our adorable photo :)

We also celebrated our daughter’s third birthday, which I had a lot of fun making a Gaston the Ladybird (if you’re not a parent, you won’t know who that is!) out of fondant, for her cake. I then simply dyed some coconut green to appear as grass and sat him on top. It was easier than I thought – it’s just like playing with play dough!

Apart from that, we’ve navigated through the a dose of the flu, routine obstetrician appointments (which are becoming more frequent), a visit to Ikea, got through the last week of lent and attended Holy Week services and Masses (well, for half of them I had to stay at home with my flu-stricken daughter), and watched lots of episodes of Call the Midwife, which kinda freak me out as I near my due date, lol.

There’s a life update for you! Coming up next – my husband’s birthday, my baby shower (I missed out the first time!), and moving house as soon as our new place is finished – that, too, is coming along nicely and due for completion very soon!

Have a lovely long Easter weekend and God bless you all!


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Tara Goonan Photography Branding

Tara Goonan Photography branding board by Leysa Flores /

A couple of weeks ago I shared with you all the moodboard for a very talented photographer, Tara. We’ve finalised the branding now and putting the final touches on her website – which is still yet to go live – but here is a sneak peek!

I really love the minty teal and grey combination. You all know I’m a fan of whites and greys but I’m now thinking for the new house (which is almost done!) that my daughter’s room will be this colour palette – perhaps with a pop of pink and some metallics, too. The rest of the house will be more in line with this moodboard – keeping everything clean and crisp and bringing in natural textures. If you follow me on Pinterest – in particular my interior decoration board, That Lovely House – you can see my full inspirations there.

But I digress. I’m so excited for Tara that we could create something together that really embodies her style and taste.

Tara Goonan Photography branding board by Leysa Flores /

I have been working on a couple of other branding projects that I can’t wait to share with you. Also, last night, as I watched Lark Rise to Candleford for the umptieth time, I spent some time updating and tidying my portfolio – so be sure to check it out!


The Creative Life

Gathering ideas

Gather via

I have a really simple piece of advice for you today in regards to gathering inspiration and ideas:

Have fun.

Gathering ideas via

It’s natural if you are used to working to deadlines to place this task into a similar sphere – but it’s meant to be the opposite. Gathering ideas and inspiration doesn’t have a deadline and really, it’s never-ending. It’s part of the journey and it’s part of you. So take the pressure off and enjoy the gathering process.

When we were little, we used to visit my grandparents in my mother’s home town of Glen Innes and one of the activities we used to go out and do is pan for sapphires in the creek. (I’m so grateful to have grown up before technology was so overpowering in today’s households and it was easier to get out and do random things like this)! It’s safe to say I never found any sapphires, but along the way I found beautiful pieces of pyrite (fool’s gold) and other curious oddities unearthed from the creek bed that were more whimsical treasures to a little girl than silly old sapphires.

And isn’t it the same with gathering ideas and inspiration – when you immerse yourself in the process and enjoy yourself, it’s the things you find along the way that end up being greater treasures than what you set out to find in the first place!

And I swear, it’s a total coincidence that the watercolour post graphic I painted this afternoon hints of a sapphire blue hue! Curiouser and curiouser ..


Moodboards, Portfolio

WIP: Tara Goonan Photography Moodboard

Mint and grey moodboard for newborn/maternity/family photographer via

I’ve been wrapping up some pretty cool projects over the past couple of weeks and this one has been a favourite – branding for a very talented photographer and the nicest person you could ever meet – Tara Goonan.

From when we first started, mint was always a clear vision of Tara’s and the Pinterest board was full of sweet, whimsical images and lots of hand-lettered designs. Her main focus will be newborn, maternity and family photography but also does amazing engagement and wedding photography, too.

If you’ve been following me on Snapchat (leysaflores) you would have also seen some sneak previews of the website, but we don’t plan on launching it just yet. I’ll share the final branding with you soon, though!


The Creative Life

Permission to just be / resting your brain

Permission to just be / tips from the creative life via

If you like, sample this amazing track by Amanaska as you read (#notsponsored – I love their music!)

Ok. So the topic I wanted to talk about today is that not everything has to have an agenda or purpose.

It’s difficult when the creative life gets so busy to just switch off. Am I right? These past couple of weeks I’ve been pretty flat out chasing my tail as I endeavour to keep up with my day job, my vocation as wife + mother, working on awesome new projects into the night and coping with a growing bump, that – amongst all the joy of the journey – brings moments of frustration, too, as I adjust to the change of having to accept that I just can’t go at life at the speed I did pre-pregnancy.

So, every other day after my daughter is in bed and when the time comes to crash on the couch, reach for some chocolate and have a break, I enjoy scrolling through Pinterest, amongst other quiet evening activities.

If you’re like me, these are the times when everything seems to inspire me all at once. Probably because I’m in a relaxed mood and therefore more likely to take in visual information with ease.

The one thing I struggle with, though, is to turn off that part in my brain that wants to convert every piece of inspiration into an idea for a post, project or otherwise! I believe that enjoying inspiration for it’s own sake in that moment is an exercise in relaxation, and you gotta just give yourself permission to be in that moment, enjoy the mood and tell your brain strictly ‘hands off’!

Another way to try and describe what I mean, is how someone might really enjoy reading blogs so much that they decide to start their own. And before they know it, they are too busy blogging that they don’t have time to enjoy reading blogs anymore. A kinda ironic situation, right? Don’t forget the reasons you are creating the things you are, and take time out to return to the reasons you started in the first place.

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So. I make certain I take time out to just scroll Pinterest, read blogs, visit other favourite websites just to be. Your brain is a strong but fragile organ that needs a break just as if you go to the gym and work out your other muscles and then rest and rejuvenate, same goes with your brain.

If you’re like me and have difficulty switching off, my advice is to just keep persevering. Schedule in that time as an appointment with yourself if you need to, just make it happen.

An important tip: the first few times you might find it so hard to switch off that you spend the entire time getting distracted and stressing about everything you’ve got going on, and you literally can’t relax. But take heart, practise makes perfect and I promise it will get easier to switch off the more you try. You owe it to yourself, so make it work for your own sake/sanity, alright?

Bonus tip: Listening to slow-tempo music may help. I love world fusion or lounge/chill music for this. If you don’t feel like listening to music, still put on some block-out headphones and enjoy the silence – it’s not so silly – try it!

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