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I like my coffee bitter and my chocolate sweet / free printable via

Hi lovelies! It’s about time we had a freebie around here, don’t you think?

The last six weeks have been the most amazing, challenging and enjoyable weeks ever. Having a baby is sometimes cloud nine and sometimes sleep-deprived despair. It’s just such an experience! And when the first baby smiles start appearing and she starts sleeping longer at night and packs on the pounds so she looks like a little roly poly grub .. that’s when it’s all worth it ;)

I like my coffee bitter and my chocolate sweet / free printable via

Okay – #babyspam over, and back to the freebie! Sure, it’s minimalist to the max, but it’s just what I like, and paired with a few other cute prints would look pretty cute on your wall (or desk, whatever) – enjoy!

Download HERE.


At The Moment

Alice Margot

Hey guys. Sorry things have been a little quiet around here, but if you’ve been following me on Instagram and Snapchat (@leysaflores) then you’ll be well aware that I’ve recently welcomed a darling little girl by the name of Alice Margot.

Our days have been full of feeding, burping, bathing, patting, shushing and swaddling. The snuggle is real.

I love blogging and I can’t wait to update more often.



New in portfolio: R. N. Business Consulting

R. N. Business Consulting / branding graphic design by Leysa Flores / via R. N. Business Consulting / branding graphic design business profile document by Leysa Flores / via www.leysaflores.comv

I’m excited to share with you the final branding and collateral that I designed for R. N. Business Consulting! You will remember in my last post I shared the moodboard with you, and now it has all come to fruition. I’m in love with the bold, feminine red that is grounded by a more down-to-earth grey and muted textures of the land, that all wraps up together to portray Renee’s wonderful, professional and friendly business.

R. N. Business Consulting / branding graphic design board by Leysa Flores / via www.leysaflores.comv

I’m still working like a crazy little busy bee this past month as I try to wrap up some projects before baby decides to arrive – which I am well aware, could be any day! I even had a mini rebrand and didn’t even write a blog post about it – that’s how under the pump I’ve been. I hope to share lots more with you soon.



WIP: R. N. Business Consulting Mood Board

WIP: RN Business Consulting mood board / via

Happy weekend all!

I hope you are all enjoying some relaxing downtime. It’s a beautiful, mellow, sunny Autumn day here today and I’m enjoying catching up on some blog reading and other random bits and pieces. The fan is lazily idling around, the cat is basking in the warmth of the sunshine outside in the garden and my coffee tastes amah-zing. My idea of bliss – the simple things, right?

Anyway, today’s topic. I’m excited to share with you this contemporary, feminine yet earthy mood board that I’ve developed for a new client, RN Business Consulting. Renee is a friendly, professional lady who offers down-to-earth financial, forecasting and cash-flow solutions for small businesses and individuals, predominantly in the rural market.

Renee is passionate about agriculture and also runs a family farm, so I’ve kept the earthy feel of the land to represent this and plan to also add some more bold and contemporary elements whilst retaining a feminine feel.

I can’t wait to share with you how this one turns out!


At The Moment

Hoppy Easter

Hoppy Easter / Easter Bunny via

Hoppy Easter! I hope you didn’t just devour an entire chocolate easter bunny and instantly regretted it – like I did. Oh well – I can blame it on pregnancy cravings, right?! Tastes so amazing and then the sugar headache hits .. eughh.

Things have been pretty quiet over here on my blog for a little bit. Why? I’ve been working lots harder than usual trying to get some projects done and ‘out of the way’ as soon as possible, fully aware that babies can arrive any time they like and put a halt to everything!

I’m almost 32 weeks now, and while yes, I still have a couple of months to go before baby is officially due, I’m already feeling overdue by my standards! Week 28 was a nerve-wracking week for me as I held my breath hoping not to have another preemie bub. As each week since has passed I have felt more relaxed about the pregnancy and grateful for each day. If bub #2 is born this week, he/she has a much, much greater chance at breathing on his/her own, with less complications and a much healthier weight than 1kg, which my firstborn daughter weighed when she was born.

Anyway. So that’s where my headspace has been at, and being distracted with lots of work has been a blessing, really.

I can’t believe I’ve only got three weeks left at work – my day job – before I officially commence maternity leave. I will still be working on my other freelance projects though for as long as I can up until the birth.

The weather is changing, too – the days are so lovely and temperate at the moment. Summer is great because it’s not freezing in the mornings, there’s lots of fresh fruit to enjoy and I can live in my Havianas, but Autumn really is my favourite as I love nothing more than putting on a scarf and cardi and going into hibernation as I indulge my introvert-ness. Plus, coffee tastes better in colder weather.

This week we went to Melbourne to attend the graduation of my husband, James. He received his AMusA for organ – very proud of him! If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen our adorable photo :)

We also celebrated our daughter’s third birthday, which I had a lot of fun making a Gaston the Ladybird (if you’re not a parent, you won’t know who that is!) out of fondant, for her cake. I then simply dyed some coconut green to appear as grass and sat him on top. It was easier than I thought – it’s just like playing with play dough!

Apart from that, we’ve navigated through the a dose of the flu, routine obstetrician appointments (which are becoming more frequent), a visit to Ikea, got through the last week of lent and attended Holy Week services and Masses (well, for half of them I had to stay at home with my flu-stricken daughter), and watched lots of episodes of Call the Midwife, which kinda freak me out as I near my due date, lol.

There’s a life update for you! Coming up next – my husband’s birthday, my baby shower (I missed out the first time!), and moving house as soon as our new place is finished – that, too, is coming along nicely and due for completion very soon!

Have a lovely long Easter weekend and God bless you all!


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