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Oh my popsicle

Oh my Popsicles by Leysa Flores #pattern #gold #quote #graphicdesign

Happy Friday guys! I’ve been working on some really cute print designs lately, including this one of tiny golden popsicles – or, as we call them in Australia, icy poles ;)

I can’t wait to show you more soon. This one actually crashed Illustrator when I was working on it, and I couldn’t seem to recover it at all – I thought it was lost forever! I was going to start all over again and it magically, amazingly, fantastically re-opened for me today. Oh my Popsicle all right! I was so relieved!

The saying, Oh My Gulay is a common phrase used in the Philippines (my husband is Filipino), and translated, it means Oh my Vegetables. Sometimes we make up our own versions, like Oh my Parsnip and other things equally ridiculous! So, you can see how Oh my Popsicle came into being!


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