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Nordic Ambient Music / Andy Lee Photography

My latest inspirations - Nordic Ambient Music and Andy Lee Photography /
I had been dreaming a lot of summer lately, missing the sunshine, fruits, salads, long balmy evenings and lazy chats with friends, but after discovering my two latest inspirations I’ve found myself embracing winter at the moment.

Now, I’m really enjoying hibernating. Long socks, hot drinks, blankets, Netflix, beanies and big pasta bakes, falling asleep with my hot wheat bag, cuddling my cat .. yes, very happy to cozy up at the moment. I can’t wait for every evening, when I can enjoy all these things.

So, my latest inspirations, I’m so excited to share. I hope you feel inspired too. The first one is this amazing Nordic Ambient Music posted by moonasha on YouTube.

It’s the perfect concentration music for me while I’m working, and also for relaxing. I love how moody it is without it making me feel sleepy. And it goes for 3 hours! I used to really enjoy listening to ambient music like rain, ocean, storm sounds but it kept putting me to sleep! So it was no good for helping me to work. This one is the perfect balance between not putting me to sleep and being invigorating without being distracting. Am I talking this up way too much? It’s what happens when you feel inspired, sorry guys! If you know of anything else like this I’d love to hear it, so please share.

My second inspiration is amazing to look at while you listen to my first inspiration, although these photographs evoke such a mood of their own, it will only heighten an already awesome experience. I’m talking about the talented Andy Lee and his photography.

In particular, I really liked his Blue Iceland and Out of Darkness Comes Creation galleries – they are stunning. Spend some time admiring his works and I promise you will feel inspired. He offers ‘professional Giclee prints using the latest Epson professional ink-jets to give museum quality finish to the final print’ – so feel free to contact him if you’re interested in having one of your own.

That’s it from me today guys, hope you feel inspired too!


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