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Just do it, and then it’s done

"Just do it, and then it's done." / Productivity and the creative life via

“Just do it, and then it’s done.”

A very simple sentence, right? And yet, I’ve found it to be one of the most powerful productivity-boosting mantras in my creative life, as well as in other areas of my daily life.

It’s so easy to lose concentration, be distracted, be lazy or all of the above when faced with a task. But in all of those instances, it’s never really the task itself that is the hard bit. It’s the first few seconds or minutes that you turn your focus to it that’s the challenge. Once you’re focused – you’re all set. And the task is well underway and then done before you realise it.

It helps for tasks both big and small

I’m talking about that email you are tempted to snooze, when in reality it will take you probably 30 seconds to action it then and there. I’m talking about that alteration that really, if you action it now, then it frees up your time for leisure later. Even things like writing a blog post or organising your tax .. ugh. Procrastinating is so easy to do but you always pay for it later!

It helps in all areas of your life

I also find myself saying this to myself in other areas of my life, such as household chores. Bringing in the washing – it’s so easy to dump the basket in the corner of the bedroom and use that as your wardrobe for the week (eek! or is that just me?). But in reality, it just takes a few minutes to fold and put it away, and then it’s done. So as soon as I bring it in, I just do it, and then it’s done!

It’s the simple things that are the most effective

It’s a very obvious sentence, to be sure. Of course if you do something, then it’s done. I mean, duh. But don’t let it’s innocent simplicity fool you – I challenge you to try it out and see if it works for you as well as it has worked for me!


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  • I so agree with this, I tend to procrastinate but ultimately I hate it all weighing on me psychologically (whether uni stuff, getting a check-up etc). It feels great when it’s all done.
    In saying that, I stand by using my laundry basket as my wardrobe ;), my wardrobe is completely feral lately and needs cleaning out which I realise I’m also procrastinating about, hah!

    • Leysa

      Haha. Good luck with the wardrobe – whenever I clean mine out I’m shocked at how many items I never actually wear. The basket wardrobe is always welcome now and then in my house .. just trying to limit the number of visits ;) hehe! I spent two hours today de-cluttering and I think it’s my new favourite hobby – it’s like exercise, it’s not easy during, but afterwards you feel amazing!