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Inspiration is everywhere

Inspiration is everywhere /

I recall my design teacher telling us to look for shapes, colours and all sorts of elements in everyday objects as we went about our day, and it took a while for me to really get this. To train our eyes to the world of design and for it to begin to come naturally. For example, the repetitive square patterns in a fence or the strong contrast cast by a shadow across a garden bed. Once you train your eye to really see things from a designer’s perspective, inspiration really is everywhere.

The weather was so beautiful on the weekend. The air was crisp but the sun was out and so I made the most of the opportunity and went for a couple of runs outdoors (usually I wimp out in the winter time and become a little more attached to my treadmill!) But as I was running, I noticed the perspective of the road, the kangaroos dotted across the field like elements balancing on a page, the texture of the trees and a shadowy pattern from birds lined up on the fence.

It really helps if you’re in a bit of a creative funk to get away from your desk / studio / living room couch and see, really see what is around you and the beauty in it. I found these sweet little flowers blooming from an otherwise unassuming bush in the middle of a deserted carpark. Romantic? No. Inspiring? Yes.

We aren’t all lucky enough to live by the beach, or take frequent trips to Europe, but we can see the beauty in where we live, every day.


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