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Inspigram: 02

Inspigram: 02. Inspiring influence sourced from Instagram.

  • Inspigram [ins-puh-gram]: noun.
    1. Inspiring influence sourced from Instagram.

In this week’s inspigram round-up, I’d love to introduce you to:

1. @kristinakroghstudio – Kristina is a Danish graphic designer and artist based in Copenhagen – check out her beautiful work at

2. @samanthabroderick – Samantha is a portrait + wedding photographer based in Salt Lake City. Her feed is full of beautiful, natural photography regularly featuring her adorable bub. You can visit her website at

3. @nihiwatu_resort_sumbaisland – In my previous Inspigram post, I introduced you to @oliviathebaut, who was currently holidaying at this beautiful resort. Ever since, I followed them and now I get to escape to this beautiful paradise every time I check my feed!

You can follow me on Instagram too! Have a lovely day xx


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