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Inspigram: 01

Inspigram 01 by Leysa Flores

  • Inspigram [ins-puh-gram]: noun.
    1. Inspiring influence sourced from Instagram.

In this week’s inspigram round-up, I’d love to introduce you to:
1. @oliviathebaut – Olivia is a freelance art director and graphic designer based in the south of France. Her most recent Instagram photos shares her trip to Sumba, Indonesia: enter serious jealous vibes and holiday daydreams.

2. @hamadahideaki – Hideaki is a photographer from Osaka, Japan. Her feed is whimsical, candid and beautiful with a fresh, natural feel. So many adjectives!

3. @satsukishibuya – Satsuki lives in California and describes herself as a “painter, artist (and) spiritual thinker”. Her distinct style as an artist is mesmerizing.

I’d love to discover some more amazing feeds so feel free to suggest any – including yourself!


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