Fern Rorschach Wallpapers

Fern Rorschach Wallpapers by Leysa Flores / via

Okay, so first things first, I can never remember how to spell “Rorschach” let alone pronounce it – I literally had to Google it every time I wanted to type it in this post ;)

You’ve all heard of the Rorschach (there we go again) test, right? Where an inkblot is made and then the viewer’s have they own perceptions of what they see from the results?

Well, it’s certainly a popular concept – particularly in fabric patterns and the fashion world – and there’s something about the balanced, mirrored graphics from a designer’s point of view that’s so satisfying. Things have just gotta line up and balance in my mind, the only place I’m OCD about things being just so. (Less tidy in real life!)

Anyway I created this original vector floral / ferns type Rorschach design, and couldn’t decide which I liked best out of the three – the black and metallic, the blue ocean, or the original one in purples and blues:

Fern Rorschach Wallpapers by Leysa Flores / via

And here’s the blue ocean one. I’ve kinda got a soft spot for the metallic one, I think. It’s just so dramatic and dark which is my kinda style.

Fern Rorschach Wallpapers by Leysa Flores / via

Anyway, here are the wallpapers, as promised, for an end-of November treat for you guys. I’m warning you now, come December you might see a spike in Christmas-related posts! Not long now until Santa Claus is coming to town! Hope you’ve had a great weekend.

Fern Rorschach Wallpapers by Leysa Flores / via

Download BLACK METALLIC | BLUE OCEAN (personal use only)


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