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Don’t be afraid to try new things

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Oh hi there! I went a little AWOL for the last two weeks, sorry about that. I started a new job, so along with the change of scene and a bit of schedule re-shuffling, I had to temporarily put this dear space on the back-burner while I adjusted. But I’m back now – and in light of my new job, I actually want to talk to you about trying new things in the creative sense! Read on …

Don’t be afraid to try new things

While it’s so important to establish a brand and style for yourself, it doesn’t mean boxing yourself in to one style, medium or colour palette all the time. It’s a really good exercise to try new and different things.

Think of the big picture. Yes, you want to be recognizable, but you shouldn’t feel as though you are limited to what you should be producing. Firstly, that’s counterproductive to creativity itself, and secondly, brands should evolve over time. Being stagnant is not a good thing.

The behaviour of trends

In the creative world, there’s only so many times you can feel inspired by something before you get so used to it that it kinda loses it’s lustre a bit, wouldn’t you agree? It’s just the way things go. When a trend hits and everyone first sees it, it’s amazing. It’s inspiring. You love it! You can’t get enough. This is why things become trends – they’re new! They’re fresh! Wow – that’s different! Let’s all enjoy it together. It’s fun, right?

But it’s no different to that song you played over and over all summer, to the point where you are now kinda ‘meh’ about it now. It’s still a great song, but that first crush of inspiration has dulled, and then WHAM!, the next dope track hits the airwaves that you can’t get enough all over again!

Growing as a creative

It’s also super important for your growth as a designer and artist. You should always make time for experimenting with new styles, techniques and ideas. It keeps your creative spark fresh and happy. Think of it as a little plant in your soul that needs watering! if you’re a creative person, you’ll know that it’s a part of you so you can’t neglect it!

Making time to experiment with new styles keeps your creative spark fresh and happy. Click To Tweet

I recently tried watercolour painting, and I’ve fallen head over heels with it. How would I have ever discovered that if I never tried it?

I also created this tropical bird design in a colour palette that I usually would never consider, but I think it turned out pretty cute, right? It may not be my favourite piece, but what’s important is that I tried something different.

The challenge

This is your mission this week, guys! What can you try that’s different and gets you seeing things from a new perspective? Report back in the comments and let me know how you go!



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  • Hey great post. I agree that even though it’s important to establish our brand, trying new things is not just fun but probably also a nice surprise for our “audience”. Have a great week! xx

    • Hi Sofia, yep so true! I love seeing what people come up with next and it’s even more exciting when it’s totally not what I expect and I’m pleasantly surprised! :)