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Do less with more focus

Do less with more focus by Leysa Flores /

With the popularity of minimalism rampant in the world today, everyone is keen on taking a step back to simplify their lives. There’s never been so many distractions and information at our fingertips. My lady crush Jane Austen put it so well when she wrote, “Life seems but a quick succession of busy nothings”.

From fashion and design, to cooking and our daily routines, the concept of doing less with more focus is pretty much the old, “quality over quantity” adage – with a ‘rebrand’, if you like – and it’s been a nice reminder to me this week. My ‘to-do’ list started to pile up, and instead of tackling one task at a time and actually completing it, it seemed my hands ended up in many different pots and I became stressed and frustrated with my lack of productivity. Multi-tasking has its place, for sure (I’m a huge fan of it), but when it becomes more of a distraction and less productive it’s time to slow down, revisit your task list (make one!) and do less with more focus.

If you’re like me and are a visual person, perhaps one of these free wallpapers will serve as an effective visual reminder for you. I’ve also included one without the blur effect in case it makes you feel dizzy! Happy downloading!

Do less with more focus wallpapers by Leysa Flores /

Download: Desktop / Desktop (no blur) / iPad / iPhone5 / iPhone6 / iPhone6 plus
Designs are created for and commercial use is prohibited.


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