Dark innocence

Dark innocence: a moodboard inspired by Reign by Leysa Flores

As you know, I’ve recently been enjoying the series Reign on Netflix. Apart from the drama, romance and intrigue of the French court and the brutal tortures, poisonings, beheadings and pagan sacrifices, desperate escapes, affairs, ghosts, treachery and heresy (need I go on?) .. there’s the COSTUMES.

Lady Greer Castleroy from Reign played by Celina Sinden

Reign: Lady Greer Castleroy played by actress Celina Sinden.

Yes, if you never watch the series yourself, at least check out some of the fashion on Pinterest the next time you’re scrolling through your feed. I particularly loved this one worn by actress Celina Sinden, who plays Lady Greer Castleroy.

The combination of the innocent baby blue paired with a dark and edgy feathered capelet is just gorgeous and it portrays perfectly the theme of innocence surrounded by forces of darkness.

Of course, being a creative, I take in so much visual inspiration and sometimes the images buzz around in my head so much that I need to process and organize it somehow – did somebody say ‘moodboard’?

All of the images in the moodboard were sourced via Pinterest, apart from the landscape at the top which I came across when looking through photographer Zack Seckler’s portfolio (discovered through this post by the gorgeous blog A Splash of Vanilla). Random, I know, but it just fit in so perfectly with everything else!

We are building a house later this year and I really want one of his landscapes on one of my walls!

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