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Coffee on-off switch by Leysa Flores /

Anywhere you go on the web, people are always discussing coffee. Writing their own ‘odes to coffee’. Posting photos of their morning espresso. Infographics detailing the many different coffee types. Complaining about needing their lack of caffeine fix… the list goes on.

I love coffee – yes, I would count myself a fan. But I’m not a die-hard connoisseur. I only have two cups a day. I (shock-horror) enjoy tea, as well. How about you? Are you a strictly coffee or tea person, or do you like to mix it up?

At the moment, I’m really enjoying green tea with jasmine or lemon. I don’t like teas such as raspberry and pomegranate – and a strong, hearty black tea with ginger wins me over every time. It has such a zing to it.

When I visited Jordan, I hated the Arabic coffee but loved the bedouin sage tea (even if it was plied with several thousand pounds of sugar) and black tea with with fresh mint.

There you have it – this was meant to be a post about coffee and I ended up mostly rambling on about tea – perhaps that’s where my true preference lies?


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