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Hey guys, I’ve been MIA since last Monday’s post, and that’s just because I was taking some time to not only make a career decision, but also to reevaluate this space. I started this blog not so very long ago, and I guess if I was honest I’d say I’m definitely still in ‘finding my feet’ stage – constantly tweaking my direction a little bit here and there as I discover and learn what works best for me and my vision and what doesn’t.

One of the things I’ve really wanted to change is to do less curating and more creating in this space. In a digital world that is so over saturated with stuff (and especially with the humongous influence of Pinterest) it’s forever easy to gather existing inspirations and ideas and curate them. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this – how else would we discover others’ work or get inspiration to create our own, unique work? But what I mean is, there’s probably a lesser need to see this sort of thing in the blogging world.

People read your blog because you are different and offer you something new. And yes, curating can be really useful, such as introducing new pages, sites, bloggers and tools to your readers – share the love! This sort of stuff is gold! But I want to try and lessen the amount of posts such as my Linkspiration and Trend posts – they too closely replicate what anyone can do on Pinterest and I don’t feel that the value is quite there. What do you think?

Do less curating and more creating.

I think people are super savvy and can honestly tell when your heart isn’t in a post. Sometimes when I read a blog, as much as I adore the blog, I’d rather wait another couple of days for a smashing, quality post rather than feel a bit let down with a random, sort of not-quite-there post. I’ve been super guilty of offering these myself, so there’s no judgement here!

But it’s one of the things I’ve learned for myself along the way, and hopefully by expressing my thoughts on this it might help someone else too: to appreciate quality over quantity, to not just post for the sake of posting, to know that your audience that really care about what you have to offer will wait for your next smashing, quality post and that perhaps doing more creating and less curating is the better path to establishing the best space for your corner of the web.

Soapbox-out! Have a fantastic Monday guys .. only four sleeps until Friday ;)


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