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Comparison is the thief of joy

Comparison is the thief of joy / Theodore Roosevelt /

For all creative people, to compare yourself to others and their work is going to be inevitable.

The key thing is, however, is how you let that comparison affect you. If it inspires you to push harder, work smarter, be challenged and output something amazing, then that’s fantastic.

Sometimes if it catches me when I’m in a vulnerable mood (tired, uninspired) it can be a real downer. Suddenly I’m incapable of creating anything remotely great and I’m a complete imposter in the design world. Nothing is flowing. Ideas cease to exist and I stare at the computer screen or sketchpad as if it were a black hole. Everyone else is awesome and I suck.

But. I have to remind myself that these moments pass. It’s just a mood. Everyone is unique and has something to bring to the table. It’s true – you give the same brief to ten different designers and they will all come back with something entirely different. And having blank, uninspired moments are completely normal for the creative process. You just have to recognise the need to reset.

So it’s not your talents that are failing you – maybe you just need a sleep or a coffee or a break to escape into a good book or movie – refresh your mind, give your brain a rest and try again later.

We’ve all heard this famous quote by Theodore Roosevelt – but it should never grow old. So, be kind to yourself people – we’re only human!

I’ve created some wallpapers for you guys – this time I’ve covered a few different sizes. If there’s another size you need just shoot me an email and I’ll add it.

Comparison is the thief of joy / Theodore Roosevelt /

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