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A note on new tools

A note on new tools / moving from PC to Mac via

There’s something so fantastic and frustrating all at once when, as a creative, you acquire new tools to work with. For me, I recently converted to Mac from PC after purchasing a new MacBook. I also got a new scanner and upgraded to Adobe CC after previously making do with CS5.

For one, I was so excited about the big picture of my new working space – new tools, new ideas, inspiring options all of a sudden available to me! But it was also all so unfamiliar, and suddenly a job that would take me one hour took two. And I would need to pause every minute when I needed to look up a new shortcut command or figure out where I downloaded that file to – everything was in the wrong place!

I felt my excitement waning to frustration and I began to despair – how on earth was I ever going to meet deadline on everything and would I ever get used to the new way of working? A couple of times I reverted back to my old PC, but I knew I had to keep trying and keep pushing forward if I was to get used to it.

So, from downloading a driver for my Wacom (thanks hubby) to customising my dock, setting up my preferences in InDesign and¬†migrating my iTunes library … there’s a lot of hidden tasks to be done when migrating to a new platform and new software!

I’m sure you’ve all experienced this at some stage, perhaps you’ve made the move from Squarespace to WordPress or even migrated to a new email host or got a new phone – whatever changes we make to our routine way of working can really throw you off, but you gotta stick with it and you know what? When you finally start to get more familiar and comfortable with the new way and you’re on the road to that light at the end of the tunnel, you’ll feel the scales tip and start to feel that excitement and inspiration again – and it’s fantastic! I have so many ideas and all I did was shake up the way I worked – isn’t it funny how inspiration strikes in strange ways? But then, I’ve always been a big believer in new tools = fresh inspiration. It never fails.

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So, just in time for Christmas, I’m feeling semi-back on track now and super inspired. Maybe even thinking of a rebrand and freshening up a few things around here – who knows? I’m working on a new moodboard at the moment for myself and yes, self-branding is the absolutely worst because you are your own worst critic and the project can be never-ending … but that’s another topic for another day!

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