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5 ways I wander the web for inspiration + networking

5 ways I wander the web for inspiration and networking / blogging and business tips via

Hi guys! I have some awesome little bite-sized tips to share with you that have helped me and I hope will help you expand your sources for inspiration and networking – read on!

  • Search for relevant hashtags and keywords within your niche in Twitter. Discover like-minded people, follow them, tweet them, retweet awesome tweets and reply to relevant tweets. Remain genuine, though. People can spot someone who isn’t being authentic a mile away.
  • Revisit the blogs and websites you already follow and visit. Are you following them on all of their social media platforms? Do so. You will not only discover suggestions for similar people to follow (creating a snowball effect for countless quality discoveries),  it expands the relevant content that appears in your social media feeds. More opportunities for inspiration, ideas, and networking, too? Yes please!
  • Share the work of people in your niche and encourage them. Again, be genuine with what you share. Don’t be shy to give them a shout out. The worst that can happen is nothing. You have nothing to lose. The best that can happen is you make a friend + you help people to discover you, too.
  • Sign up for newsletters. Seriously guys you get so much more valuable content right in your inbox. Email lists are valuable, and bloggers and businesses know this. They want to keep you there. This is where the amazing stuff happens and exclusive freebies are found. Also, it keeps you accountable to read the content when it’s an actionable item in your inbox, rather than a bookmark on your browser. The more you take in, the more inspiration and experience you acquire. You can never get enough! (Psst – a side note: you can currently subscribe to my posts, but I’m in the process of crafting a killer newsletter jam-packed with exclusive freebies just for you. I’m so excited. Watch this space!)
  • Okay, so my last point is a piece of advice. Most importantly, remember that knowledge bears no weight to carry, so acquire as much as you can. And the more you discover, the more knowledge you will acquire. Get to it!
Knowledge bears no weight to carry, so acquire as much as you can. Click To Tweet

So go on, get out there and wander – make it a priority! Get overwhelmed by the ridiculous amount of awesomeness people are creating and sharing. Do you have any tips to add to this list? How do you wander the web to source inspiration and network?


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