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5 Quick Tips for Creative Freelancers

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I’ve learnt a lot on my journey as a designer, and even more freelancing. And I really appreciate when other designers and bloggers share their tips, so I want to do the same. Always pay it forward, I say. Why not?

Here are five quick tips that I hope you’ll find as invaluable as I have:

  • Learn to recognise when your most creative and/or productive hours of the day are, whether it’s 6am, 10am, 3pm, or 9pm and use them to knock out the hard stuff.
  • If you are doing the same task over and over again – for example, resizing images or drawing up estimates, is there a way to automate it? Invest in things that help you. Outsource.
  • Make time for personal projects and art. They don’t bring income upfront, but they represent the type of work you want to do. They can be completely your style, unchanged and unfiltered by clients. By showcasing your personal style, you’ll attract the type of client that wants to work with you.
  • Listen to music without words when you need to concentrate. It is scientifically proven to help your productivity. Of course, for some people, blasting the Top 40 at top volume somehow works for them – find out what works best for you!
  • Keep your workspace clean. This includes your desk AND your desktop. Do a bookmark audit on your browser. Clear workspace = clear mind. A small change that can help you refocus and be more productive.

That’s it – short and sweet! Do you have any useful tips to add to this list? What are some things that you’ve learnt that helps you work smarter?


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  • Great tips! I’m also big on to-do lists. Making actionable goals you will accomplish today.

    • Yes! Lists are awesome! I like to use Evernote as well as good old-fashioned pen + paper.