New series: Minimalism tips

MINIMAL | Leysa Flores

One thing I’m trying to focus on this year is improving my approach to minimalism. It’s never just been about a trend for me (I do adore minimal design though) but more of a lifestyle mantra.

Input fatigue

Due to ongoing sleep deprivation from having a baby, I struggle a lot with excess noise and sensory input throughout the day. If I’m not careful to filter the amount of information I need to process during the day, the result is input fatigue. I can’t think clearly, which makes me frustrated, and then my attitude, mood and work suffers.

Can you relate?

Over time, I have and still continue to discover processes and tips that work for me, and I’d love to share them with you, in the hopes they help you too. If you have any advice or a tip that has worked for you, please let me know – I’m all ears!

I thought I’d start with a really basic tip for my fellow creatives (there’s nothing too small – seriously, they all help):

How to get rid of the distracting “Start” workspace in your CC apps

Whenever I open InDesign or Illustrator or Photoshop, I cringe at the “Start” Workspace that appears. All those visual thumbnails (or long list, if you have it set to list format) of my recent work doesn’t make me feel inspired or help me to find what I am looking for. It is visual clutter for me, and akin to sitting down to a messy desk rather than a clean one. Ugh.

The solution? Go to Preferences > General and untick ‘Show “Start” Workspace When No Documents Are Open’, and click OK.

Minimalism 1 | Clutter 0

Told you it was simple, right? But now whenever I open any of my apps, I am greeted with a clean, black space with no distractions. Annnnd *exhale*. That’s better now, isn’t it?




At The Moment

Summer love

It’s been a while since I posted but I’m very excited to be back!

How’s your January going? It’s far too hot here but I do love the summer evenings. Preferably enjoyed with a glass of muscat thanks, and Connoisseur cookies ‘n’ cream ice-cream …

I’m studying again – graphic design, still. One needs to stay up to date with the industry trends, etc. Plus, I’m trying to prioritise my little creative projects alongside my work too because I think it’s really important to stay in touch with your own personal style and to be always learning new ways of doing things.

It keeps the spark alive ☺️

If you like my latest creative piece, you can download it as a wallpaper here. Personal use only.



Coffee quote printable

I like my coffee bitter and my chocolate sweet / free printable via

Hi lovelies! It’s about time we had a freebie around here, don’t you think?

The last six weeks have been the most amazing, challenging and enjoyable weeks ever. Having a baby is sometimes cloud nine and sometimes sleep-deprived despair. It’s just such an experience! And when the first baby smiles start appearing and she starts sleeping longer at night and packs on the pounds so she looks like a little roly poly grub .. that’s when it’s all worth it ;)

I like my coffee bitter and my chocolate sweet / free printable via

Okay – #babyspam over, and back to the freebie! Sure, it’s minimalist to the max, but it’s just what I like, and paired with a few other cute prints would look pretty cute on your wall (or desk, whatever) – enjoy!

Download HERE.


At The Moment

Alice Margot

Hey guys. Sorry things have been a little quiet around here, but if you’ve been following me on Instagram and Snapchat (@leysaflores) then you’ll be well aware that I’ve recently welcomed a darling little girl by the name of Alice Margot.

Our days have been full of feeding, burping, bathing, patting, shushing and swaddling. The snuggle is real.

I love blogging and I can’t wait to update more often.



New in portfolio: R. N. Business Consulting

R. N. Business Consulting / branding graphic design by Leysa Flores / via R. N. Business Consulting / branding graphic design business profile document by Leysa Flores / via www.leysaflores.comv

I’m excited to share with you the final branding and collateral that I designed for R. N. Business Consulting! You will remember in my last post I shared the moodboard with you, and now it has all come to fruition. I’m in love with the bold, feminine red that is grounded by a more down-to-earth grey and muted textures of the land, that all wraps up together to portray Renee’s wonderful, professional and friendly business.

R. N. Business Consulting / branding graphic design board by Leysa Flores / via www.leysaflores.comv

I’m still working like a crazy little busy bee this past month as I try to wrap up some projects before baby decides to arrive – which I am well aware, could be any day! I even had a mini rebrand and didn’t even write a blog post about it – that’s how under the pump I’ve been. I hope to share lots more with you soon.